Venue Information

Security and Facility Rules


General Facility Rules

There is no re-entry. Once you have exited the venue, you cannot re-enter.

Please note that at the entrance, all bags will be searched. At certain performances, the staff of the venue reserves the right to conduct a summary search. Any spectator who does not collaborate in the search will be refused entry to the event without a refund.

The management reserves the right to expel any spectator whose conduct is not respectful, dangerous or would hinder the smooth running of the event, without a refund. Please note that once you leave the venue site, you cannot go back inside.

Please note that regulations are subject to additions and revisions at any time and without notice. If you have any questions or comments, please contact customer service via email.

Ages and ID

Most of our events are All Ages. Please check the event information page for details.

Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

You must be 19+ for alcohol/VIP. Photo ID required.

Acceptable forms of ID

  • Any ON government-issued driver’s license or ID card containing a photograph and date of birth
  • Canadian or foreign government-issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth
  • Foreign government-issued driver’s license or ID (must be accompanied by color photocopy of passport)
  • 2 pieces of ID is required (An enhanced drivers license will be accepted as 2 pieces of ID)

Unacceptable forms of ID

  • NO School ID
  • NO Consular ID
  • NO Birth certificates
  • NO Photocopies of any ID


List of Prohibited Items

  • Food / Beverage / Alcohol / Cans / Glass Bottles
  • Animals (unless authorized animals such as guide dogs)
  • Non- Collapsible Umbrellas or any other object that obstructs the spectator’s view
  • Professional cameras*, audio devices, video cameras or any similar device
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring a professional camera (with a detachable and/or more than 2-inch lens) to the venue. A camera that respect the lens sizes are allowed. Photos taken via a mobile phone are allowed. Please note that in all cases, the use of flash is prohibited.
  • Bells, horns or any object or device emitting noise
  • Drones or similar devices
  • Weapons and bladed weapons or any other object identified as hazardous or harmful by security personnel.

We do not have any place to store items. Anyone with any of the items listed above will therefore be denied access to the venue and may even confiscate items identified as hazardous or harmful to spectators and employees. In any case, no object will be recoverable.

List of Acceptable Items

  • YES Cannabis (10g or less per person, only in pre-rolled form. Any loose leaf will not be allowed in.). Only to be used in designated smoking areas where there is no food or alcohol permitted.
  • YES Cell phones
  • YES Fanny packs
  • YES Sunglasses & hats
  • YES Sunscreen
  • YES Physician-prescribed medication that is not expired (must show physician’s prescription and consult with a safety officer upon entry)
  • YES Earplugs
  • YES Portable Phone Chargers
  • YES Blankets
  • YES Small foldable lawn chairs (only in Lawn seating area)
  • YES Collapsible Umbrellas
  • YES Non-professional flash/still cameras, handheld video devices under 6” (Sony Action Cam, GoPro, etc.)



General parking for show events is generally not permitted at Bingemans site.  We do have some limited paid parking options for those that require it.  We do have handicapped accessible parking that is available, please email us for details and to secure a space.

Paid parking availability is provided per show and your ability to purchase the paid spot is via the ticketing system when you click on the “Buy Ticket” link.  During this process you will need to print off your pass or save it to your smartphone device as access to the parking area will be provided after scanning/verifying your pass on site.

We highly recommend utilizing the public transit system, local taxi agencies or Uber and other ride share options to assist you.

Please note that the Boston Pizza/Kingpin, FunworX and other Bingemans halls parking areas are for the sole use of the guests of these facilities and are security staffed for such purpose.

Accessibility and Special Needs


To assist in providing the maximum accessibility and potential accommodations, please feel free to contact us directly via email to assist you with your needs.

Parking – we have several parking areas with dedicated accessible spots for use on site with convenient locations

Accessible portable washrooms are located in areas of the facility which can be found on our site map